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Lena Nursing Bra

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Discover our first nursing bra - Lena!

Lena Bra is dedicated to breastfeeding ladies. This is the brand new product in ROOM669, on which we worked the most to ensure maximum comfort, perfect design, and beautiful appearance. The motto of this bra is "Do not forget about yourself Mama". It is a unique product on the market of nursing bras, thanks to the elegant and sensual look it can be worn both during pregnancy and after. Regardless of the situation, it should give the woman confidence and a  sense of beauty. It has classic straps with a large adjustment range and an additional option to join them on the back. Finished with breathable tulle and decorative elements from Italian lace and knit imitating leather.

If you will be or already are a freshly baked mother, you should not wear uncomfortable bras. Especially when you feel how your breasts change during the day. In the first few weeks after delivery, when you are very sensitive, take care of yourself and do not forget that you are also important. Especially if you have mastitis, remember to wear only the delicate and the most comfortable products.

To the set we recommend: Lena Brazilian Figs

Each order will be sent to you in a beautiful gift package.

Model wears a 65GD Bra and pants in size S.


45% polyamide / 47% elastane / 8% cotton


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