Confident and aware of her own values – this is a woman at her most sensual and seductive best. Beautiful lingerie can be both a culmination and trigger of these traits. In any case, it’s an absolutely indispensable attribute of femininity.

/Magdalena Grześlak, Founder & Owner of ROOM669/




ROOM669 has created lingerie which allows every woman – regardless of age or size – to feel attractive and seductive. The very name of our brand combines the features which are manifest in every woman: sensuality and suggestive teasing with a hint of provocation. These are the types of features which can only be stressed with elegant lingerie, particularly lingerie that has been designed to go against the current of the conventional norm.


The brand was founded by Magdalena Grześlak in Poland – in her hometown of Wrocław. This is where the lingerie goes through all stages of production – from design to the final sewing stage, paying close attention to detail at each phase.
Room669, above all else, is based on top European materials: Polish and Swiss embroidery, Italian lace, Spanish fabric, and French accessories coated with 18-carat gold plating. During the selection process, it is not only the origin of the material that matters, but also the history of the manufacturer and the manufacturing principles that have been followed. The latter are of particular importance for Magdalena Grześlak because to a great extent, they translate directly into the quality of the semi-finished product.


Here at ROOM669, in order to create the perfect underwear, we've combined materials of the highest quality together with our natural instinct to emphasize the most seductive traits of women. This is part of our distinct vision, which is reflected in both our personal style and customer service. Built on sophisticated cuts, unconventional solutions, and individuality, our aim is to become a European favorite brand of underwear. We do this in our own unique way: by bringing a breath of fresh air not only into the bedroom but also into the daily routine of each and every woman, adding a hint of sublime zest to everyday life.

Room669 International