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Room669 - lingerie handmade with love

As women, we go through constant metamorphosis. We are thriving teenagers, maturating to adulthood, which brings confidence and your own identity. Sometimes we also become mothers - and then life-experienced mentors of younger women.

At each of these stages of life, we deserve the support and beauty that will surround us and please us. ROOM669 is a brand founded by Magdalena Palmer, unable to find any company on the lingerie horizon that would honor the need for the beauty and luxury she deserved - that each of us deserves. 

Thanks to our determination to create underwear for modern warriors and queens of metropolises, in recent years ROOM669 has become an inseparable element of the drawer of lingerie-loving fashionist who follows trends and cares about being a conscious consumer. Our projects have appeared in VOGUE, Glamor, VIVA !, Playboy, InStyle, LIONS, and many other publications that have appreciated our vision of multi-face femininity.

24-carat gold plated details, sourced from the best Spanish, Italian, Swiss and Polish manufactories, and original designs provide our products with an unmistakable atmosphere of inclusive femininity. We celebrate mature and maturing women, delicate and strong, carefree and stable, cis and trans. Style has no size for us, so we are constantly improving our products so that the designs associated with small beauties begin to work well on medium and large breasts and bottoms. 

We veto low quality and half measures. We put the same requirement on all our products – of being beautiful, of good quality and functional. We say no to wholesale and creating uninteresting collections in bulk. Underwear is an art that requires time and creativity, and we do not cultivate it using a template or stamps, nor compromise. We do not care about the followers - they cannot reproduce the luxury stemming from the contact with a work created with love. 

And you? Which of your requirements can we meet?

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