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How to choose a gift?

How to choose the right lingerie for your woman?

If you came here, it means that you want to give your partner a unique gift. Congratulations: you've found yourself in a very small club of men who are trying to buy lingerie for a woman of your life! However, remember that by purchasing a set of unusual dessous (or just playful panties as a small gift, because why not?) you are buying for your lady something hidden throughout the day that will give her power and confidence, not decoration. A woman is not a Christmas tree! Before buying, therefore, make some necessary preparations for your gift to have the expected effect.

1. Check the size!

When she escapes into the shower, you quickly and efficiently look into her underwear drawer and take a few pictures of the tags - thanks to this you will have evidence that will allow you to identify which cup size and bra circumference to choose when shopping. Try to choose the bras that you see on her relatively often; this way you will avoid a situation where you photograph a bra tag reflexively pushed to the back of the drawer due to discomfort or bad size. Do not skip this step if you are buying panties!

2. Define her style

If you come across several different sizes of bras, consider the biggest ones if you would describe her breasts as small or medium, or the most numerous if she has larger breasts. If your woman has a drawer full of black lingerie with latex accessories, a white, virgin set may not be the best idea. It is clear that trying out new products can be an interesting experience, but if you are not sure what to choose - definitely look for something in a similar cut or color range as her favorites. The recipient should not think that you completely do not know her taste! There will be time for experiments once you are better acquainted with what your lady likes to wear.

3. Listen what she says

Are you planning a movie night? Choose one of our recommended, underwear movies, and at the right moment ask your beloved one what she thinks about a given corset, dressing gown or stockings. Her reaction will be an invaluable hint for you, if this longline bra with gold plated hardware, which you chose is a perfect match.

Moulin Rouge! (2001)

Dinner at eight (1933)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

Burlesque (2010)

The Motorious Bettie Page (2005)

4. Ask us

Despite going through the above steps you are still lost? Contact us at with a description of the tips you have collected, and we will help you get out of the situation. Perhaps the best solution will be a gift voucher, but let’s not lose hope!


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