How to choose a gift?

How to choose the right lingerie for your woman?

This is a question which can really keep a man up at night – especially when he’s not very experienced in choosing intimate gifts.

However, regardless of whether it is your first time in the world of women's underwear, or you’ve already bought a set before – this brief tutorial on how to choose the right lingerie can certainly be useful for you. After all, surprising and delighting your woman is definitely worth a few minutes of reading. It is a quick investment that will pay off very soon, possibly in the same day, or perhaps at night… ;->

Here are some tips which have been prepared to make your shopping experience with Room669 more convenient...

Choose the right size

This is the most important and demanding step. Most likely, you do not have a clue as to your woman's bra or panty size. Therefore, you’ll have to look into her underwear drawer and examine the labels.

This is not a problem with panties or garter belts – their sizes are standardized. For example, if your partner wears size S, then all of her briefs, thongs, tangas, or belts will likely bear the same symbol.

However, bra sizes are different: 70D, 85C, and 75B... etc. The number indicates the circumference just below the breasts, and the letter – the size of the cups. Check to see which size is the most typical among the bras in your partner’s underwear collection and this will be the size you should choose. It is possible that there may be a slight difference in bra size. For example, in a drawer full of B cup bras you may find a C cup bra – so the safest bet is to select the size which appears most often.

Choose the right style

Please note – do not buy lingerie just for yourself. Consider the shape and personality of your partner.

If you are a fan of skimpy thongs – think about whether your woman ever wears them. Perhaps she would not feel comfortable in one. You could then opt for different panties that also emphasize the roundness of the buttocks, like tangas. They provide a bit more coverage but look equally sexy.

It is the same when it comes to bras. Women with smaller breasts often choose soft bras, push-ups or balconettes, while women who are more generously endowed – often prefer padded or semi-soft bras in a classic shape. But... there are always exceptions, of course. It is sometimes better to discreetly ask your partner which type she prefers.

Pay attention to the material

If your partner does not like lace – don’t force her to wear it just because you like it. Perhaps she would be much more pleased with light imitation leather or fabrics with embroidered ornaments? Does she love sports and soft sweatshirt fabrics? Sporty lingerie can also be extremely sexy!

Some important information for you: all of our lingerie cuts are both extremely comfortable and very sensuous – so you have nothing to worry about in this department. We’ve got you covered.

Choose the right color

This task is a bit easier with Room669... You can go with basic black, a classic and safe option, or choose one of the brighter shades of pink or white. The question is whether you prefer to emphasize the angelic or… the devilish side of your partner? ;-) The decision is yours!

Alternatively, you can always give her an elegantly packed voucher, so she can choose a set by herself – something she’ll like for sure.


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