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Sizing Guide

Each of the ROOM669 bras has its own cut, i.e. design - it is thanks to it, thought out and tested for months, that it can shape busts and give them a beautiful, sophisticated look. At ROOM669, we believe that styles tested by masses of women over hundreds of years are eternally up to date and we trust the wisdom of fashion models and bra fitters, who in the sweat of their brows, created a never-aging classic, which we update using modern materials and production technologies. We invite you to travel through centuries of lingerie! 

A soft bra - it's just a bra without a sponge or foam. Such bras consist mainly of lace, pleats, mesh, embroidery, as well as underwires and fasteners. This type of bras gained popularity in the '70s during the sexual revolution, when women said a loud and clear “no” to pinching armor made of flexible nylon. Do you want to feel that your breasts are wrapped in a delicate but strong material? Try Helena or Christina!

Padded bra - this type of bra maintains its shape after removing it from the body, because the cups are made from corset foam or spacer foam. Bras of this type were introduced by British companies in the late 1940s together with sizes based on letters and numbers. If you prefer more stable constructions and like to be supported like a city warrior's breastplate, choose Michelle or Leia!

Balconette - a design that allows you to round the bust and arrange it in cups like apples on a tray. Many people call this cut a half-cup, balconette, or balcony, and can be both soft or stiffened with a sponge or corset foam. Do you like the corset neckline à la Marie Antoinette or Anna Boleyn, which set trends at the courts of England and France? Try Leia or Michelle.

Bralette - completely soft bra, without underwires, usually with cups cut into triangles. Recommended for very small breasts - or bolder bigger ones during a hot summer. They will not give the same shaping effect as underwired bras, but they look very stylish when they stick out from under a more cut top. They also give incomparable freedom, which women of the interwar elite loved and popularized, rejecting corsets and tight bands and choosing bralettes. If you want to be free like 40's artists, try on Florence

Half corset - sometimes also called longline. It is a bra - usually in a balcony or plunge cut - whose circumference under the bust has been extended, thus resembling a short corset. It allows additional support for heavier breasts by spreading their weight over a larger body area. If you desire a 60’-inspired retro look, try Leia!


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